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Approved Equipment (Computers & Printers)
This website only offers the standard equipment as approved and supported by the Territorial IT Department. Please email the Territorial IT Director with your request for non-standard equipment along with rationale for the exception.
PLEASE NOTE: EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, OFFICER LAPTOPS WILL BE REPLACED ON A FOUR YEAR CYCLE, NOT THREE YEARS AS PREVIOUSLY. This change can be found in the latest Policies and Procedures, 14-01 IT Hardware and General Policy.
Officer Laptop replacement - Special Code
When ordering an officer laptop & accessories, these are paid for by THQ and MUST be on an order by themselves. Please use this payment code below and PIN ONLY for officer laptops: SN2E-3A9S-025F-2799 PIN: 1865
Payment/Account Information
Note that items here can only be purchased using Salvation Army accounts. These are the same account numbers that you currently use for purchasing from TradeWest. These accounts will not be charged until the items have been approved by CFC and ordered.
Need to add budget infor or give rationale?
Use the Comments box to indicate the account to be charged, who the equipment is for, as well as give any other rationale or budget infor that you feel your CFC will require.
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IT Approved Equipment (Computers & Printers)
Information Technology offers the standard equipment as approved and supported by the Territorial...